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Welcome to is the premier online destination for playing classic Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear games like Sonic the Hedgehog, OutRun, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Shinobi, Ristar, R-Type, Master of Darkness, and many other great Sega games, whether they be imported, homebrew, or even the elusive unreleased games. is able to provide classic Master System & Game Gear games from the freely available collection provided by the Internet Archive. For more information about digital preservation and how Emulation Collective strives to maintain the legality of our services, please consult this page.

There are now numerous PC emulators to play classic casino games such as slot machines. Video Game Technologies, Aristocrat, IGT.... Slot Machine Makers are many. In recent news, VGT released Lucky Duck Slots according to

Some classic Sega Genesis Superheroes have transitioned from Sega to Online Slot machines. Such is the case of Spider-man, Iron Man and Marvel characters, all of which now have dedicated slot machines according to

Like the Legend of the Phoenix

We've had a pretty rough summer here at Emulation Collective. Things got a little crazy awhile ago with the server management—Emulation Collective is run by individual people responsible for individual parts, with almost complete autonomy, there's next to no reporting to anyone, and for the most part, groups of people do not know who the other groups are: R&D and network administration don't talk to each other at all.

So, the datacenter that our hosting provider / networking people contracted was bought up by a different company, and they decided to turn off everything on the premises. The notification that this is happening was sent to... nobody, actually. An decision way upstream of the showrunners at Emulation Collective broke a bunch of stuff, knocking us offline for about two weeks, and then in a barely operational state for another two weeks.

Now, we've brought this website back online, and things should be operating reasonably normally.

Thank you for your continued support of Emulation Collective.

The Nuance Between "Turn-Key" and "Allen Wrench"

Since April 2012, Emulation Collective has offered free promotional cards to tell your friends about our websites, which we have been able to provide through donations. Unfortunately, due to a recent postage increase by the US Postal Service and a lack of funds to continue the program, we are unable to continue providing the cards at this time.

Thank you for your continued support of Emulation Collective.

The Door to the City of Light, or Something...

Happy new year, everyone! The excellent translation team Aeon Genesis has recently released a translation for one of the last great Sega Game Gear games, "Royal Stone: Hikarishi Toki no Tobira", which we're now proud to bring you here on The translation is available on the "Translated Games" page, which is normally accessible fro the main "Games" index page on the navigation bar.

Update: You can actually play translated games now, and we've (hopefully) learned our lesson to not push code live that we didn't test beforehand.

Game Controllers, or, The Triumphant Return of ZTNet Store!

Update: ZTNet Store is taking 10% off orders for Emulation Collective users with the coupon code EC10PCT. Also now in stock are super-comfortable Sega Saturn USB Retrolink controllers. Coupon expires October 21, 2013.

Long-time users of Emulation Collective websites will recall an initiative in our earlier days where users could buy USB controllers or USB-connected converters for controllers for the NES, SNES, PlayStation, and other consoles, all of which can be used with the games on the Emulation Collective websites.

We're happy to announce the return of that imitative, with the return of the ZTNet Store. ZTNet Store has controllers and adapters in stock or on the way for the NES, SNES, N64, and PlayStation. For more information on using USB controllers or adapters with Emulation Collective websites, click here.

A portion of the proceeds from items you purchase at ZTNet will go toward the Games Purchasing Fund at Emulation Collective, which will allow us to add more games to Emulation Collective websites.

Information Regarding the Server Outage

We've experienced a rather large server outage because the datacenter botched a move from their old facility to their new facility. Emulation Collective has resumed normal operations, and this issue is not expected to recur.

Thank you for your patience during this unforeseen issue, and for your continued support of Emulation Collective.

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